(Eye)Lid off with Canal(iculus) in tow!

Canalicular lacerations are missed quite often during evaluation of periocular injuries due to Road traffic accidents, assaults and animal bites in busy emergency rooms.

At the same time, surgical repair of canalicular laceration can be very frustrating experience as the distal end of the lacerated canaliculi can become very illusive to locate. After locating the distal end, it is treated by using a monocanalicular silicone stent to act as a scaffold between the two ends of the affected canaliculi.

Repair of canalicular injuries are important to keep the tear drainage intact as well as maintain the contour of the eyelids. It is ideal if an oculoplastic surgeon repairs these type of laceration to obtain best outcomes.

As an example, this lady came with her right lower lid avulsed in a road traffic accident. Her lower canaliculus was torn along with the lower lid.

A timely eyelid and canalicular repair using a mono-canalicular silicone stent which acts as a scaffold for the reattached canaliculus while it heals and gets back to its original anatomical position. The outcome after surgery shows the benefits of meticulous early repair of the canaliculus. This maintains eyelid contour while keeping the tear drainage into the nose intact thus serving both aesthetic and functional issues for the patient. The eyelid sits snugly aagainst the globe with hardly any residual evidence that there was a trauma to the eyelid earlier.

⏲Surgery time: 30-45 mins
💉Anaesthesia: Done under Local
🗓️Downtime: 3-4 weeks
📈Duration of effect: Long term
📠 Phone: +91 80 2502 3257
📩 E-mail:dr.raghuraj.hegde@gmail.com
🖥️ Website: www.drraghurajhegde.com

©All patient photos are being used with the express consent of the patient. These cannot be shared or reproduced elsewhere.

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