Murdered in a Pandemic

The cost of human life is so low
That governments won’t even count you if you are dead,
Lest they be accountable to the public for your health.
In any case,
You won’t be voting anymore after you are dead!

Every body cremated or buried was once a life valued.
Each of them may be a statistic in the newspapers (or not)
But for their family it is someone who was part of their lives yesterday,
but today is not
In any case,
You won’t be laughing or crying at this since you would have died!

You may struggle to breathe in a desolate hospital ward,
Or your family and friends struggling to find you a bed in
an overwhelmed health system, while you are too tired to breathe.
In any case,
You will be loved or hated in equal measure for dying too soon!

You are gasping for breath because there is no oxygen supply,
You are told to breathe less, because it is somehow your fault.
You try your best to do so, until you are breathing no more.
In any case,
The dead don’t breathe at all.

Crowds gather at the election rallies and religious gatherings.
Politicians showing their hypocrisy by encouraging both,
While demonizing you for getting afflicted.
In any case,
You were not killed by a virus but murdered by the state!

Dr. Raghuraj Hegde

Published by Dr. Raghuraj Hegde

Free thinker| Poet| Writer| Traveller| Doctor| Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

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