Which one is the real eye?

Only one of the eyes in the above photo is a real one. Look at both eyes and decide on your answer. You can scroll down to know the answer.

A #Customized ocular prosthesis (prosthetic eye) 👁️ surgery is considered when we have to remove an #eye due to one of the following reasons:

1. Eye Cancer (for example Retinoblastoma in children)
2. Irreparable eye injury due to trauma (children & adults)
3. Cosmetically disfigured eyeball with no hope of visual rehabilitation and which may or may not be painful.

There are two stages in achieving great outcomes.

Stage 1- #Surgery performed by an #oculoplastic surgeon. The surgery involves #Enucleation (eyeball being removed)/#Eviceration (the contents of the eyeball removed retaining the outer white scleral shell) and globe volume is then replaced with an appropriately sized #orbital #implant.

Stage 2- After the eye socket heals which takes about 6 weeks, an #ocularist (a professional who fabricates prosthetic eyes) then fabricates a customised ocular prosthesis which fits perfectly in the patient’s socket. This prosthetic eye looks similar to the other eye including co-ordinated movements making it look natural. 

This young patient had suffered trauma to one of his eyes in childhood and wanted a cosmetic artificial eye which looked just like his other seeing eye. He underwent a customised ocular prosthesis surgery. Needless to say he was very happy with the outcome.

For details of this surgery and for appointments

⏲Surgery time: 45 mins
💉Anaesthesia: Done under Local/Sedation
🗓️Downtime: 6 weeks
📈Duration of effect: Long term 
📠 Phone: +91 80 2502 3257
📩 E-mail:dr.raghuraj.hegde@raghurajhegde
🖥️ Website: www.drraghurajhegde.com

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