Happy tears!

This sweet 84yr old lady came to us with a painful blind right eye. We advised eye removal (evisceration) with orbital implant followed by customized ocular prosthesis. She had been resisting this surgery the past 5 years when the blind eye of 20yrs started becoming painful. We finally managed to convince her for the surgery and went ahead with the surgery. Our talented ocularist, Mr. Jibran Munnavar put in incredible work in making the customised prosthesis for her post surgery. 

After the prosthesis fitting, when I showed the lady and her daughter the pre-operative photos, the daughter broke down in tears and told me “You’ve given back my mother after 20yrs”. 

Small things we do for our patients mean so much for them personally. This also proves that it is never too late to be yourself again. ❤️

A #Customized ocular prosthesis (prosthetic eye) 👁️ surgery is considered when we have to remove an #eye due to one of the following reasons:
1. Eye Cancer (for example Retinoblastoma in children)
2. Irreparable eye injury due to trauma (children & adults)
3. Cosmetically disfigured eyeball with no hope of visual rehabilitation and which may or may not be painful.

There are two stages in achieving great outcomes like in this case.

Stage 1- #Surgery performed by an #oculoplastic surgeon. The surgery involves #Enucleation (eyeball being removed)/#Eviceration (the contents of the eyeball removed retaining the outer white scleral shell) and globe volume is then replaced with an appropriately sized #orbital #implant.

Stage 2- After the eye socket heals which takes about 6 weeks, an #ocularist (a professional who fabricates prosthetic eyes) then fabricates a customised ocular prosthesis which fits perfectly in the patient’s socket. This prosthetic eye looks similar to the other eye including co-ordinated movements making it look natural. 

Schematic Diagram of ocular prosthesis in relation to orbital implant

For details of this surgery and for appointments

⏲Surgery time: 45 mins
💉Anaesthesia: Done under Local/Sedation
🗓️Downtime: 6 weeks
📈Duration of effect: Long term 
📠 Phone: +91 80 2502 3257
📩 Email:dr.raghuraj.hegde@gmail.com
🖥️ Website: www.drraghurajhegde.com

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