The Scar Cocktail!

Facial Trauma can be damaging with tissue loss. Despite accurate and meticulous reconstruction, the scarring can be severe in the face. Scar modulation is an essential part of post trauma care and I often advise patients as much when they come with traumatic injuries of the face.

Pic 1 shows the photos at presentation compared with one taken 8 weeks out from surgery.

In this case, a 25year old man fell down from his motorcycle, scraped the road and cut his eyebrow at several places with some tissue loss. Despite careful reconstruction and suturing (Pic 2), the patient started developing a thick scar on the wound site at 4 weeks post surgery.

In such cases my go to #ScarCocktail is F5U (an anti-metabolite) : Triamsolone Acetonide (a long acting steroid) in the ratio of 9:1. This gives excellent results as can be see in Pic 3.
it is both safe and effective in the treatment of scars.

Published by Dr. Raghuraj Hegde

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