Opening the window to the World

Ptosis Correction Surgery

This beautiful lady underwent Ptosis correction surgery in the right eye. She had an uneventful post surgery course. As is obvious from the before and after photos, she was thrilled at the result. It was like opening a window to a world which was hidden from her for many years because of the acquired Ptosis.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery or Ptosis correction surgery is more art than science. I’m sure all Oculoplastic Surgeons agree it is a challenge to treat patients with ptosis. Each case is so different that it is almost feels like you are starting from scratch. While challenging, it is also among the most satisfying Oculoplastic conditions to treat.

It is one of the surgeries where the easiest part of the procedure is the surgery itself. The pre and post surgery counselling of what to expect after surgery as well some acceptable trade offs are an important aspect of this wonderful surgery. Surgeons often have to hand hold the patient during the entire process till the patient completely recovers from the procedure.

The surgery itself is a day care procedure done using an eyelid crease approach which hides the thin incision mark within the eyelid fold. In some cases ptosis surgery can be undertaken using a posterior approach without an external incision or resulting mark. If you or someone you know are suffering from this easily correctable condition, consult your nearest Oculoplastic Surgeon.

⏲Surgery time: 30-45 mins
💉Anaesthesia: Done under Local
🗓️Downtime: 3-4 weeks
📈Duration of effect: Long term
📠 Phone: +91 80 2502 3257
🖥️ Website:

©All patient photos are being used with the express consent of the patient. These cannot be shared or reproduced elsewhere.

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