The Hooded Eyelids!

This 35 year old lady approached me with an unusual complaint,

“My eyes are closing over my eyeballs.”

Though surprised at first, on examination indeed there was hooding of the Lateral canthi of both eyelids (Outer corners of the eyelids) which was well appreciated on a side profile photograph (pic 1 above right).

This was an aesthetic as well as a functional problem. Her old photo (Fig 2 ➡️ swipe), taken 10 years back at her wedding showed how with time a combination of facial/orbital fat atrophy with laxity of  the lateral canthi on both sides had caused the eyelid hooding.

After ruling out any connective tissue disorder which could also cause such a condition, I performed the Lateral Canthoplasty (Reconstructing the lateral canthus) thus restoring the ideal almond shape of the palpebral (eyelid) opening. Not just a new lateral canthus needs to be reconstructed, we also have the make sure the eyelid do not stick back together by using silicone bolsters as tissue spacers. (Pic 3)

40% of the facial features is determined by the eyes and peri-ocular area. So we can see in this case that just the change in the lateral canthal position, improves the facial profile manifold. The surgery has solved the aesthetic as well as the functional problem for this beautiful lady.

Needless to say she was thrilled!

©All patient photos are being used with the express consent of the patient. These cannot be shared or reproduced elsewhere.

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