Growing out of a Crack!

This 22yr old young man came to the clinic with a slowly growing mass near the left eyebrow which was present since birth. At present the mass was causing a drooping of the left eyelid with the disfiguring mass protruding out under the eyebrow. It was affecting the young man’s confidence as he had just joined his first job.

Given the history, location of the mass and examination, it was clinically diagnosed as dermoid cyst and MRI scan ordered.

Surgery was done using an eyelid crease incision which would ensure an aesthetically hidden scar.

The picture above shows the before and after surgery comparitive photos.

Before & After Surgery

MRI scan showing the entire exent of the tumour.

MRI Scan

Dermoid cysts have excellent prognosis after surgery when completely removed in toto without rupturing the cyst. If someone you know suffers from this easily treatable condition consult your nearest oculoplastic surgeon.

⏲Surgery time: 45-60 mins depending on the size of the eyelid mass.
💉Anaesthesia: Done under local or general anaesthesia
🗓️Downtime: 2 weeks
📈Duration of effect: Permanent
📠 Phone: +91 80 2502 3257
📩 E-mail:dr.raghuraj.hegde@raghurajhegde
🖥️ Website:

Dermoid cyst (also known as choristoma) is a benign tumor growing out of a embryonic suture line. The tumour consists of normal cells occurring in an abnormal location. It is usually diagnosed in children when it is first visible but it is not uncommon to have adults coming to the clinic to know if it can be removed.

Dermoid cysts  contain keratinized stratified squamous epithelium with dermal appendages and adnexal structures, including hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, smooth muscle, and fibroadipose tissue.

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